Today, I happened to be with the newly formed group of Bassein Christians Business Association in their get-together at Vasai. It is an innovative initiative as people in business ought to being interaction among them. Many brains come together and develop ideas and march toward progress.
No matter it is goods supply or service, we have to mind 4Ms: man, money, material and machine; among which the former is tough to handle. Besides,this community need to aware of 4Ls: link, listen, learn and lead. Now-a-days, customers speak through gestures and body language, which they shall learn to listen through eyes.
Alertness is required to attend customer complaints and customer feedback shall be taken as tool for improvement. An industrial survey indicated that 61% clients leave an organisation thanks to human behavior at workplace.
Dialogue helps and it is a way of dissipation of knowledge. Current time of competition and hectic schedules, it is essential aspect of business.

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Joseph Toscano