Bassein Christian Business Association (BCBA) is a movement of Christian entrepreneurs and professionals with a dream to create entrepreneurship skills for its community by pooling and harnessing resources and nurturing each other’s growth in a spirit of transparency, commitment, excellence and trust.


  • To foster a programme of Christian businessmen and to inculcate creative co-operation among them for their general uplift.
  • To make schemes for the Social, Economic, Educational well-being of the Christian Businessmen in Vasai-Virar region.
  • To impart training to young Christian, for taking up concrete / constructive steps towards Entrepreneurship.
  • Generally to do all things or acts incidental to or conducive to the attainments of the objects of the group or to the administration and business of the group.


The Christian community in India has been at the forefront in the fields of education, healthcare and in ministering to the disadvantaged in India. It is time that Christian businessmen too, mark their place in the business community.

BCBA seeks to bring like-minded Christian businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals together for mutual connectivity and growth and thus create an environment of success for all based on Christian values. The common vision and aim is to share success stories and be involved in helping other members of the community to grow.

Existing members of BCBA consist of businessmen and professionals from various walks of life like Legal, Medicine, Industry, Investment, Education, Entertainment, Finance, HR, Architecture etc. The aim is to create wealth and using the same for community development.

Benefits of being a committed member

  • Monthly Meetings with an average 80 business persons of varied interests
  • Opportunity to listen to world class speakers and get their advice and get the latest news and views on business
  • Infomercials and testimonials during the meetings
  • A sure way to generate leads grow business & develop lasting business relationships
  • A window to the world through networking all over the globe
  • Chance to organize meetings / seminars at Parish level
  • Constant upgrading of one’s skills and knowledge through training from the best persons in the industry
  • The all-important personal touch: A wish from us on your special occasions, and a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate at the Meeting.
  • A chance to tell the world “Christians have arrived”, and to leave a strong legacy for our future generations.
  • Christian Business Directory and a Web page with all the details incorporated in it.

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