BCBA’s 76th Meeting Report

BCBA’s 76th Meeting Report

A Sweetly❄️Chilled & Super⚡Charged Evening!

All The Lucky Ones Present Yesterday Are Surely Counting Their🙌🏻Blessings, As It Was One Of The Most Remarkable BCBA Meetings – Ever!

✨The Awesome Ambience,
✨Every Single Grateful Participant,
✨The Presenter –
Along With His :
Credit & Vault Team
✨The Speaker –
Were The Reason For Creating An Occasion To Remember For The Ages!

Reactions from our members who attended the meeting

Sebastian C

Many thanks to BCBA Family for 76th Successful meet. Great learning from Anil Mendoza and Denis Dcosta ..post meeting great ideas of how legacy of BCBA needs to be kept alive by next generations.. awesome visionary thoughts

Samson Gomes

Superb Networking and New Insights by Dennis Dcosta.

Anil Mendonca

“Thanks BCBA team for giving Credit and Vault Investments an opportunity to present the 76th monthly meeting 🙏

Special thanks to Colin for all the support in making this event successful 🙏

Crispina Lopes

 “✨Indeed a very informative Meeting and Great Networking too … Thank you BCBA Team , Mr.Anil Mendonca Sir , Mr.Denis Dcosta Sir

for such a wonderful Teachings”

Rebecca Corda

Thanks BCBA Team for the Successful Meet! As a young Businesswoman, the insights given by Mr. Anil Mendoza and Denis Dcosta were not only important but also very very useful to me and I’m sure it was for everyone around 💞

George Dsilva

Thanks BCBA team for the wonderful meeting the insights given by Mr Anil Mendonca and Mr Denis Dcosta were very important and I was able to meet other BCBA members.

Mark Alphanso

This was my first meeting in BCBA. But the knowledge shared by our host and speaker, Mr. Anil Mendoza and Denis Dcosta was great. Something in my years of experience, gained for the first time. Thanks to BCBA. God bless us all.

Consesao Colaco

“Thank you BCBA for the insightful meetings .
Thank you Denise Dcosta sir , Mr Anil sir .
With no finance background if I could understand each word I am sure a lot of efforts was put in the presentation .
Kudos to the team”

Suchita Nunes

 “Everytime I attend the meetings , my vision n knowledge is taken to next Level. Thanks Anil Sir n Denis Sir for enlightening the need of proper investment to create wealth from money.
Thanks BCBA committee for enriching us with such much needed speakers n topics. 🙏

Karl Fernandes

 “Thanks to the BCBA committee for organizing such a superb meeting which was very educative in understanding investments the market and the future with slides and statistics

Thanks to Mr Anil Mendonca and Mr Denis Dcosta for their valuable knowledge shared”


 “An amazing evening meeting a whole new group of wonderful entrepreneurs! 😃 The information received through the expert talks was very interesting and will be very helpful. 👏🏼 Thanks to Mr. Anil Mendonca, Mr. Denis Dcosta for all the insights. Each minute was truly worth it. 👌🏼 A great thank you to the whole BCBA Organizing Team. 🙏🏼

Looking forward to playing a major role in helping all businesses grow, and enjoying some great networking. ☺️

Maria Faroz

“Personally thank one n all for the Warm Welcome..my first meeting at BCBA which gave me a feel of Family member.. very comfortable… special thanks to Neetin for making me join here, Herman too..

Also the knowledge shared by Mr. Mendonca and Mr. Dcosta is beneficial to all.. Hoping to continue n grow my small setup with all of your support…”

James Gonsal

Meeting is very informative, well manage. We should take opportunity to grow our business, Thanks to all Organizer, Speaker. Special thanks to Mr.Denis D’costa

Neetin Lopes

“Friends yesterday’s meeting was a great one ever…. Mr. Anil and Mr. Denis opened our eyes or rather steered us towards the direction which we Catholics generally preferr to ignore. Thanks for sharing the classified knowledge.

I felt a surge in the energy yesterday and the meet was quite vibrant.
Good food too.”

Sadiccha Constructions

Nice presentation by Anil sir & Excellent information about Investment by Denis D’Costa sir. Nicely executed meeting by working committee. Thank you
Alisha Pereira “Thank you BCBA for the amazing meeting yesterday.
Thanks to Mr. Anil Mendonca sir and Mr. Denis D’Costa sir for the insightful presentations 🙏🏼
Finance was explained in such simple words that even a layperson like myself could understand it.
Looking forward to many such lectures in the future!✌🏼


“The 76th monthly meeting was a great insight for each attendee into why we are entrepreneurs and a great encouragement that each of us will become part of India’s great success story. It was not just a financial talk but a clarifying of our vision. Dennis Dcosta’s knowledge is like an ocean and even a few drops of it can change our thinking.

For me I understood how as a English Trainer and Teacher Trainer my role can define the future of our country. I believe it was the same for each of us, to her/his own industry.

Thankyou BCBA for keeping the golden streak of amazing speakers.

A big Thank-you to Anil Mendonca for sponsoring the entire event and helping us understand that every person can invest successfully whether 50,000 or 50 lakhs. You have a diamond-studded team. Very experienced and efficient.

We had lots of new women members and guests attending this time.. this made me really glad🥰🙋🏻‍♀️.

Looking forward to see new faces and old unfamiliar faces in future events. One thing is sure after the meeting- India will surely be a super power by 2030 , the only question is how much of my contribution will impact it’s glory.”

Maria Pontes

“Thank you Anil for the very educative session on financial planning and the various baskets you offer along with your team and partners.
Thank you to Denis for the broad perspective of financial world globally and touching more details about Indian context.
Thank you BCBA , all my3 guests found great value in attending the BCBA programme .”


Bassein Christian Business Association (BCBA) is a movement of Christian entrepreneurs and professionals with a dream to create entrepreneurship skills for its community by pooling and harnessing resources and nurturing each other’s growth in a spirit of transparency, commitment, excellence and trust.

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