BCBA’s 79th Meeting Report

BCBA’s 79th Meeting Report

The 79th Monthly Meeting Was Held At: ZEAL 2 On Friday, The 13th Of April,2023

The Memorable Meeting Was Wonderfully Hosted By Our Effervescent Founder Member – David D’Monte, Who With His Impressive Bi-Lingual Skills, Effortlessly Executed The Meeting Agenda!

After The Solemn Prayer By Agnello Marcus Dodti, The Working Committee Members & The NEWLY JOINED MEMBERS Were Announced…

Thereafter, There Was A Welcome Break From The Past, As INFOMERCIALS Were Taken Up, With All The Enthusiastic Participants Explaining About Their Respective Businesses…

Subsequently, The BCBA Journey Was Being Read Out By Our Indefatigable Founder Member: Herman D’Souza

Colin Sequeira Had The Honour Of Introducing The Guest Speaker – Mr. Joseph Toscano, An Award Winning Writer, Eminent Scientist, Concerned Environmentalist, Ex-BPCL Quality Assurance Officer, Who So Very Meticulously Well, Explained About The Day’s Topic – EXPAND and DIVERSIFY YOUR BUSINESS

As Geejo Davis, So Very Well Summarised The Talk In His Thanksgiving That :
Mr. JOSEPH TOSCANO Is Indeed The ‘GOD’ Of Small Things, As We All Know The Pointers – But, Seriously How Many Of Us Actually Inculcate The Same In Our Daily Lives, Is Something To Really Ponder About…

The Speaker Managed To Give Us A Fantastic Oration & His Wide Repertoire Of Practical Suggestions & Tremendous Knowledge Made Every Single Member Realise The Gravity Of The Situation & Enthusiastically Responded, Whenever The Speaker Posed A Few Queries In A Highly Interactive Session

Now, Let’s Have A Look At His Few Observations, Which Can Be Summed Up, As Follows :

He Spoke On The Following Elements For The Expansion and Diversification Of Business viz.,
✨ Business Protocols
✨ Customer Care
✨ Management Ethics
✨ Marketing Discipline

🌟 EXPAND – Why & How
• For Profit / Further Progress
• Two Types Of Progress –
Continuous / Continual
• Adapting Change, Which Is Constant
• Be Mutual Customers
• Foresight (Ball & Boy)
• Exploit Innovation –
e. g. Sunlight Through Pipes, Water Capsules
• Cleanliness / Healthy Measures / Safety (FIRE)

• Dealing Approach
• What A Survey Reveals
• Whimsical Behaviour
• Handling Customer Complaints
(Only Technical Knowledge, Not Enough)
• Clarity In Dealing
• Records Of Satisfaction

🌟 QUALITY Definitions
• Meeting National /International Standards
• Fit For Use
• Value For Money
• Delivery In Time
• Continual Improvement
• Customer’s Latest Perception
• Progress In Business

🌟 Different Components Of BUSINESS
• 5Ms: Man, Machine,
Money, Material, Method
• 4Ls: Link, Listen, Learn, Lead
• Face Reading
• Behavioural Courtesy
(Customer Survey)
• Hardwork, Daring, Optimistic Approach
• Knowledge Is Power
(Product Knowledge)
• Education Provides Knowledge;
But, Wisdom Comes From Observation
• GOD Only Provides A Fishing Rod

🌟 NATURE Friendly Approach
• Conservation Is Production
• Fuel Saving Approach
• Proper Usage
• Solar Energy
• Use Light Judiciously
• CSR Product / Service Promotion
• Avoid Pollution (3Ps)
• Carbon Footprints

🌟 DIVERSIFY – Why & How
• Adapting To Constant Change In Environment / Eco-System
• New AVENUES बावखले सुशोभीकरण ,सुकेळी ,पाने इ
Let HISTORY Repeat Itself
By Marketing GREEN VASAI
• Upgrading The Product or Service.
For e.g.: Safe Making to Lift Manufacturing (Real Estate)
• Publishing Houses
• कल्पकतेने भरलेल्या आणि प्रतिभेने व्यापलेल्या तरुणाईचा सदुपयोग


:: BCBA Member Presentation ::

The Always Ever So Young & Dynamic SEBASTIAN COUTINHO Gave His SUPERB Business Presentation.

He is Primarily Into :
HEALTH😊💪🏻CARE Products &
They’re As Follows :

Fruit Gels
:: Good For ::
• Cardiovascular Support
• Healthy Immune System
• Healthy Metabolism
• Instant Energy Boost
• Support Healthy Joint Function

:: Benefits ::
• Supports Heart Normal Function

• Person’s Nutrition
• Supports Basic Cell Health

• Beneficial Anti-Oxidant
• Fights Free Radicals

💫Zen Complete
Protein Powder
• Vegetarian Product
• Burns Body Fat
• Helps Curb Hunger
• Support Healthy Metabolism
• Support Healthy Muscles
• Helps Build Muscle

💫LUMINESCE Cellular Rejuvenation Serum
• Face Cleanser
• Diminishes /Revives /Renews Skin
• Skin Moisturiser

Hair System
• Shampoo
• Hair Serum
• Leave-in Conditioner

He Conducted A :
LUCKY DRAW and the
TWO Lucky Winners Were

He Concluded His Wonderfully Well Delivered PRESENTATION By Promising To HELP All Our BCBA Members –
Within The Span Of Our
Annual Pocket Budgets.


Our Ever Dynamic Founder Member – Nilesh Menezes Conducted The Monthly Performance Review & Particularly Mentioned About Our :
NEW BCBA Premium Members –


All The Members Present Then Had A Delectable 🫠DINNER With MADHUR MILAN – A Trademark DESSERT Being The Veritable Gastronomic Highlight Of The Pleasant Evening!

The BCBA Working Committee Profoundly Thanks Mr. FELIX RUMAO From ZEAL 2, For Providing An Impeccable Venue & Making Our 79th Monthly Meeting, An Occasion To Remember!


The Next Meeting Which Incidentally Is Our MILESTONE 80th Monthly Meeting Shall Be Held On :
Friday, The 12th Of MAY’23

Reactions from our members who attended the meeting

Dennis Dabre

Yesterday’s Meeting was very informative. Great Speaker Joseph Sir….. Awesome presentation.

Saby Also did nice presentation with practical.

Overall BCBA working committee is doing very hard work.

Request all members to attend BCBA monthly Meeting.


Sebastian C
Heartfelt Gratitude to @Colin Sequeira for introducing me to BCBA Family..yesterday had an opportunity to share 8 minutes Feature Presentation to present members. Sincere thanks to @Diana Satam , @+91 99875 48611 , @+91 90965 59996 to share real-time testimonials.. Also many Congratulations to @David D’monte and @Herman D’souza for winning Lucky Draw Prizes. Those who missed the meeting could not get an opportunity to hear what our Chief Guest Joseph Tuscano had to share too. Also appreciate many sharing that they really like the posts put on BCBA whatsapp group. Immediately after the 8 minutes presentation received Thank You Note of 16000 from one of the member who saw the Live Feature Presentation .. Thanks once again to all BCBA Founder’s and @Samson Gomes to capture some good clicks ❤ Tagline is we all have one life to Live ..so Look Young Feel Young Live Young ✨
Gregory Monis


TUSCANO Sir started with his powerful statement: Everyone’s bizness is Everybody’s bizness.

In PROGRESS, there are two types: (1) Study and (2) Continuous. Change is dangerous and it is constance. Remember after math of PANDAMIC. That is why we have to always exploit and do the innovation.

In dealing with clientele, only technical knowledge is not sufficient, but the product knowledge is a must. There should be clarity, records of satisfaction, written data, etc. Over and above, having a positive approach, positive attitude, face reading, knowledge of body language, polite behaviour, good humour and a smiling face will your customer’s heart and it is damn sure, 50% job is done !. 😇 Keep in mind Your Entry into Corporate Social Security !!

Then TUSCANO Sir has emphasized the following components of business:

5 Ms: Men, Materials, Machinery, Money and Methods.

4Ls: Link, Listen, Learn and Lead.

We should have confidence which will help us to deal with any types of clientele.
Besides knowledge, wisdom is a must.

Last but not least, TUSCANO Sir has emphasized to BCBA members to increase their business knowledge, over and above the technical knowledge, change your attitude and decorate your thought process. Have an analytical mind and not emotional mind. But grab your customer emotionally, then success is all yours !

Sir Joseph TUSCANO Sir, reiterated in the end saying Everyone’s bizness is Everybody’s bizness.!

Oh, TUSCANO Sir, he came, presented and gone by Susccintly uttering from his 100 books knowledge !


Bassein Christian Business Association (BCBA) is a movement of Christian entrepreneurs and professionals with a dream to create entrepreneurship skills for its community by pooling and harnessing resources and nurturing each other’s growth in a spirit of transparency, commitment, excellence and trust.

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