BCBA’s 72nd Meeting Report

BCBA’s 72nd Meeting Report

BCBA conducted its 72nd Monthly Meeting on Friday, 9th September 2022 at Zeal 2, Bhuigaon on the theme Role Model Mindset for Entrepreneurs.

Our esteemed Speaker Mr. Victor Lobo explained the role of values and ethics in driving business success by giving examples of Role Models in Spirituality, Entrepreneurship and Politics. While answering questions from the audience he highlighted the need to overcome barriers like Jealousy that obstructs our collective growth.

He strongly expressed the need for more and more members to use the Golden opportunity in form of BCBA Meetings.

Reactions from our members who attended the meeting

Today’s monthly meeting was special in many ways. It was a profound learning experience with the speaker Mr. Victor Lobo. He insightfully explained the role of values and ethics in driving business success. Referring to the Holi Bible he underlined the crucial principle “The more you give, the more shall you receive.”

He exhorted us all to go beyond profits and keep the growth mindset. While answering questions from the audience he highlighted the need to overcome barriers like jealousy that obstructs our collective growth. As a community we need to work for each other’s prosperity. He lauded the work and initiatives of the BCBA to  cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the community and strongly expressed the need for more and more people to join the BCBA and its events like the monthly meetings.

It was a very rewarding evening, an eye opener, very enriching.

Thanks BCBA for this fertilising event.

I would like to thank the committee members for the dynamic speaker Mr Victor Lobo sir for today’s meeting. All the members who attended the meeting I guess will agree with it .

Such a Fruitful day it was.

Thanks BCBA for all the great motivation through such sessions.

Had A Wonderful Time With All The BCBA Associates , And It Was A Wonderful Learning From Mr Victor Lobo ..On Giving you Receive More …And Specially The Contribution To The Church And Charity And To The Society…Thank you Samson For your Hospitality. The Food Was Very Good Too ….God Bless

Great evening, powerful talk by Victor Lobo on how world’s Top businessmen are true Christians and their philanthropic life.

Very inspiring

Had a wonderful positive meet today… Thanks to all the BCBA core member and working committee for all the efforts they put today in making this even t a successful one…

And I am glad to share I am regularly getting business from our BCBA members or through their connects…

Thanks Victor Sir for today’s wisdom you share with all of us.  Also thanks for all the members who invested valuable time &  attended today’s meeting

I want to Thank the working committee for their commitment to the BCBA and for giving me the opportunity to make my business presentation at this meeting. It was a privilege to speak after the eminent Victor Lobo. I am truly grateful to be part of the 6th anniversary meeting.

Thanks again

This was a great evening…

Meeting was worth attending…

Thanks to our Respected speaker Mr. Victor Lobo sir for such a informative and thoughtful talk

Alvito sir also made nice presentation

Going ahead keeping in mind Samson sir words, there should be exchange of business among our BCBA community

Special thanks to our Working committee for well organization of this meeting and all the BCBA associates for there interactive participation

Highly appreciated!

Mr. Victor Lobo has conducted the Role Model Mindset for Entrepreneurs

Mr Victor has stressed upon the members attended to overcome the barriers of jealousy that obstruct our collective growth. He has suggested to have values and ethics in our business Victor has suggested as to how to implement our entrepreneurship with analysis & awareness

Victor proudly shared among us his meeting with  Mr. Cyrus Mistry of Tata Sons Chairman,  who has been killed in accident very recently. He said Cyrus Mistry had concerns towards his fellow employees.

Victor says we all have consciousness of God. We should have positive thinking and by removing jealousy only then we could prosper in our business life.

Mr. Victor gave us an example of Mr  J. F. Kennedy a Christian who was the 9th president of USA.

Victor stressed that the more donations we give we get thousands time return.  He has derived this idea from the Bible Philosophy which is scattered every where in the world. Therefore, we need to give it to the society. Here you have BCBA the right forum to meet different and various members with varied mindsets.


Bassein Christian Business Association (BCBA) is a movement of Christian entrepreneurs and professionals with a dream to create entrepreneurship skills for its community by pooling and harnessing resources and nurturing each other’s growth in a spirit of transparency, commitment, excellence and trust.

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